Cancel the Other’s Vote Over Ice Cream

Hear me out…let’s make this election a record low turnout, without abandoning beliefs.

I recently heard a kid say “I’m voting for Trump,” and his uncle jokingly say “Well, I’m cancelling your vote with my vote for Hillary.” And, though this conversation was sarcastic, I saw real potential in the notion of cancelling each other out.

Again, hear me out.

Come Tuesday, everyone find a relative, friend, coworker, etc., that’s voting the direct opposite of you. Love Hillary and your uncle’s voting Trump? Call him up. Love Trump and your nephew’s voting Hillary? Call him up.

When you make contact with your political “rival,” cancel your plans of going to the polls. Instead, spend a memorable Tuesday with them. You can relax knowing that if you would’ve stressed yourself out by voting, the person you’re enjoying the day with would’ve cancelled your vote anyway. You and your “rival” can laugh the day away knowing that your votes cancel each other’s out, while never having to abandon you conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, etc.

The day won’t be filled with talk of WWIII, e-mails, sexual assault, Clinton-this, or Trump-that. You can logically, pragmatically shed your perceived civic duty by knowing you’re balancing the equation with your political opposite. Would you rather you and your opposite waste the day voting, or waste the day getting ice cream, walking the mall, going fishing.

Tempting, right? You know there’s someone you could call right now, someone you enjoy spending time with, like or love, that happens to vote differently than you. This is a chance to make real human connection instead of participation in a divisive ritual. Call them up and explain the cancellation concept and feel guilt-free as the two of you pass the polling station on your way to the park.


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