Rocky was the Bad Guy, Not Russia

As a hyper-emotional, diehard Trump fan (deplorable, [realist] or Trumpet), I’m reevaluating things. The Mainstream Media (fake at best) wants us to detest Russia. And I have hated Russia, until now. For me research and Youtube clips of Rocky IV have fomented an unwavering love for these United States; however, Russia is portrayed as the bad guy, and Rocky the good. Not so, turns out. Ivan Drago deserves a fair, unbiased reexamination.
The boxing documentary ends filming in Russia. How’d a poor, underdog like Rocky get there? Tax payer money? Your taxes? My blood and sweat labor then taxed? More than likely.
Drago turns out to be just Rocky’s counterpoint. Look even closer, Drago turns out to be more ethical and righteous than Rocky the tax subsidized boxer.
Drago is married to a bombshell, blonde woman (nuclear family), and trains under safe, medically approved conditions, and is monitored by doctors and science people. Rocky travels to a sovereign nation and cuts their trees down. Anyone else like property rights? Where’s the property owner contract for deforestation? Communism?
The crew filming catches Drago tiring out. What’s he do? He takes a break to get medically-sanctioned B12 shots. Responsible approach. Rocky never tires out. Steroids? I’ll say it. I mean he causes a car to crash then climbs a mountain, come on.
We got to start looking at the facts, more than ever. I didn’t see any urine testing of either athlete. What I did see was a Philadelphian juiced to the tits (your tax money) knockout—potentially kill—a national hero.


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