Go Ahead, Call Me a Snowflake

Ode to the Snowflake ~

Scientists commonly refer to snowflakes as “snow crystals.” Snowflakes are the creation of water saturation and temperature. Circumstance births a phenomenon commonly overlooked or ignored. Water, depending on supersaturation (g/m^3) of .002 to .3 and temperature ranging from 32F to -30F (0C to -35C), can create varying snowflake types; there are plates that look like beautifully designed octagons, dendrites that have the classic snowflake look of a center holding on to artfully formed arms, needles that resemble thin cylinders glued together, hollow columns, solid prisms, sectored plates, thin plates, and solid plates. Water, given the right circumstance, can transcend the label of simple H2O and briefly become a unique geometric existence.

Why is this information important? The idea of the snowflake matters because it has become an insult. The political climate has spurned resentment for both the right and left and in-betweens. Though snowflake as pejorative is commonly used by the right to express weakness or perceived over-sensitivity, I have seen a recent trend of left-leaners using it as insult too. And I am here to proudly claim the title of snowflake for mySELF, regardless the implications.

Like it or not, you are all snowflakes. I say like it, embrace it. I feel the existence of the snowflake—if anthropomorphized—is all human existence. It is a disservice to humankind to ignore the fleeting nature of existence. Like the snowflake, we are formed by the convergence of seemingly impossible circumstances. Imagine a drop of water in earth’s 330,000,000 cubic MILES of water; you are that drop in the scheme of all existence. If you think the snowflake denotes anything other than amazing bordering on miraculous, then you haven’t given it much thought. When you are called snowflake, think about being that drop in earth’s 330,000,000 cubic miles of water, then being in the right climate to be evaporated and condensed, then being in the right location for the right temperature and saturation, then being crystalized into a design unique to you, and then how short-lived that existence is as you fall to earth. You are a snowflake, all of you, cherish your dance from the sky.


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